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Develop Your Intuition with Daniella

Deepen Your Relationship With You

In this class, I will gently guide you into a deeper relationship with yourself. We will explore the realm of intuition, and practice connecting into this space for self and others.

We all have intuitive gifts. The more we work with them, the stronger they become. I have been working as a psychic for more than 15 years and leading others to connect with their intuition for over 10. I have seen the transformation that happens when someone connects with their centre and taps into the inner reservoir of wisdom laying within them. It is potent and powerful. I have seen the shift happen for all types of people including those that didn’t believe they could have this gift. This can happen because we are all innately intuitive. And tapping into this can change our lives for the better.

When we are connected with ourselves, we discover answers to life’s questions right within us. There is no confusion, only clarity. From this space, we can begin to move through our lives with greater ease and flow. We intuitively know which path to take because we are connected with our higher good and we can begin to direct our life from this space.

Do You Want To:

- Trust yourself more?

- Learn how to access guidance and wisdom that already exist within you?

- Connect with your true power and presence?

- Deepen your relationship with the universe?

- Connect with messages from the universe, angels, guides, and your soul for self and others?

In This Workshop, You Will Learn:

- How to safely open your intuition

- How to develop your Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance and Clairsentience

- How to tune into your higher wisdom

- How to receive higher guidance and messages for self and others.

- Grounding Techniques

- Basic Psychic Protection

Date: Saturday 18th March 2023

Time: 10:30 am – 2.15 pm

Please book via the button below.

EXTRA EARLY BIRD until 2nd Feb 2023: $57

EARLY BIRD until 31st Feb 2023: $67

Regular Cost: $87

About Daniella

Daniella has worked as a psychic for nearly 15 years and taught intuition and spirituality classes to students in over 80 countries. 

She has hosted a radio show, ‘Conversations that Matter’ in Sydney, Australia, and authored the best-selling book ‘Journey Into Wholeness: A Path to Awaken Your Soul and Reclaim Your Birthright, a book to help others reconnect with their wholeness. 

She has also been featured in national publications like the ‘Sunday Life’ magazine.

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